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Changes to Public Sector Redundancy Terms

In June the government lost a court battle over attempts, started by Labour, to cut redundancy payments but Unions fear emergency legislation could be brought in to reverse the ruling and are warning that strikes could be an “inevitability”.

As a result, Government Ministers are today meeting with Union officials to discuss their proposed changes to redundancy terms for civil servants which could see them being brought in line with those fo the private sector.

The Cabinet Office has confirmed that ministers intend to press on with reform of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS) and clearly changes to the redundancy terms for civil servants is a major part fo this.

Should public sector redundancy terms be aligned with the private sector? With such a huge budget deficit to contend with, are the Government right to target the public sector and look to reform the CSCS in such a radical way? Tell us what you think and share your comments with us using the form below.


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