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Communication in the Workplace

There is a lot of discussion at the moment around employee engagement as businesses now wish to engage with their workforce as we come out of the downturn, and the jobs market is picking up. Of course, good employers will have continued to engage and communicate with their employees during the tough times, and it could be argued it is more important than ever to do this during difficulties, particularly when change has taken place, redundancies, restructuring, pay reductions and pay freezes and short time working.

It is also important for staff to feel they are being listened to if they are to be engaged at work. To do this, you as the employer need to spend time listening and create a culture in which you can do this. This could include employee forums, weekly updates, team meetings or listening over a cup of coffee. You know your workplace and what would work best, so try to create some time to listen to your employees. If your employees are engaged, this means they will be more motivated, contribute more and less likely to leave you – increasing your bottom line!

If you can create a culture or a process where you can listen to your staff, it will create a more positive working environment. Remember, communication is not always top-down. Your employees are at the heart of your business and could have suggestions which increase efficiencies and help you maintain that competitive advantage.

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