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Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 and Corporate Homicide Act (Scotland) 2008

The above legislation now places the direct legal onus on individuals within companies namely company directors/owners and senior managers within all organisations with over 5 employees, to comply with what is a new Health and Safety requirement with regards to employees and sub contracted employees who are driving either company vehicles or their own vehicles on behalf of the company on relevant business.

The new act places a legal requirement on the company to undertake an assessment of items including driving licences, under bonnet checks and ultimately a basic driving assessment. These checks ensure that you as a company director or manager actually know that your employee can drive to a basic standard and understands the vehicle.

Why do we need to undertake this now?

If you as a company director or manager fail to undertake these legal requirements you can, if subsequently convicted in the most serious and catastrophic cases face up to 10 years in prison and the company face a fine starting at £500,000 and up to 10% of the annual turnover which could ultimately result in you losing both your liberty and your company going bust.   

How can I mitigate against this?

Road Traffic Consultancy headed by Keith Hale an ex Traffic Patrol Officer who has used his experience and training to develop a cost effective driver assessment and improvement package, (potential government grants available) to mitigate as much as possible against you personally facing court proceedings and the disastrous ultimate possibility of custody and massive company fine.

Road Traffic Consultancy utilise only the very best qualified and experienced DSA approved associates to undertake an assessment covering all the required legal issues surrounding driving contained within the Corporate Manslaughter (Homicide) Act, this process taking approximately 1 hour per individual (part of the assessment can be undertaken as part of a group).

Road Traffic Consultancy thereafter provide the company with a written copy confirmation of the assessment and any further driver improvement training required for each individual driver.

All driver improvement training is always tailored to meet each individuals needs, no two drivers are the same, the benefits of this training are huge and companies will have “payback” within a very short period and these benefits are continually ongoing.

Road Traffic Consultancy will through driver improvement reduce your vehicle related costs in what are very tough financial times and with the relentless increase in fuel, repair costs, insurance excesses, lost appointment times, lost customer confidence as a result of your sales person not turning due to suffering from whiplash as a result of an avoidable accident potentially resulting in not just lost profits but lost clients, can you afford not to contact Road Traffic Consultancy to discuss your legal requirements and potential savings and increased profit margins?

The first conviction under the new legislation occurred in February 2011, don’t you be the second!

If you personally want to avoid up to 10 years in jail and a massive company fine starting at £500k then take the first steps and contact Keith Hale at  Road Traffic Consultancy now for advice and an informal chat.       

Keith can be contacted directly on 0800 0842305 or at or visit our website

EmployEasily HR would like to thank Keith at Road Traffic Consultancy for this contribution!

Do you employ >5 employees?  Do your employees use Company vehicles or personal vehicles on Company business?  Not sure if you have the appropriate policies in place to ensure you prevent problems and avoid costly claims?

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