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Disciplinary Action – First Steps

What should I do first?

Before discussing matters with an employee, you should determine what you are going to say to them. You should consider the basis for your discussions – this might include making notes before meeting to backup your argument. For example, if you wish to discuss their performance, it will be useful to document specific concerns you have and examples of when they have not performed. If you have a performance management process in place, it would be beneficial to refer to this as it will provide information on performance levels and confirm when this was previously discussed.

During the meeting, keep notes that are detailed enough to give a good summary of the key points and what objectives have been set. This should always include a review date and make sure you review this when agreed. If you have something you need to do to support improvement, make sure you do so – you don’t want the employee raising this at a later date.

Keeping written notes and summarising these to the employee demonstrates your commitment to improve the area concerned and deal without using the disciplinary procedure. A paper trail is also useful if the matter is not resolved and occurs again in the future. It will also help you should the matter eventually lead to an employment tribunal – which none of us want!

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