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Employee Surveys

I have discussed engagement, retention and recognition quite a bit in recent weeks. The reason for this is fairly straightforward – employee retention is one of the big issues employers are going to face during 2010.

How do you find out how your employees feel about your workplace?
It is good practice to conduct exit interviews when people leave, and we are happy to provide this service on independent basis. People could be more honest with us than they would with you or a manager they have reported to.

Although exit interviews are a great tool to gather feedback, it’s actually too late to retain that person – the horse has already bolted.

How else can you obtain feedback?

Employee surveys are a great way to capture feedback from your existing staff. They assist you and your managers to understand the opinions of your people in a more quantitative and qualitative manner, through asking questions designed to get the employee thinking, and to also provide an environment where they feel able to be open and honest in their responses. The surveys should be confidential and where possible anonymous to get the best out of this initiative.

As I have already stated in previous blogs, engaged employees are more committed to the business and therefore are more productive. In capturing this type of feedback, you can really hear what’s going on in your business and your people will help you maintain that competitive advantage that is so important to you.

Employ Easily HR Services can provide an end to end solution to your requirements working with you to identify the issues you want to understand in more detail. We can provide a detailed management report and work with you to build on the things you currently do well, and help you develop plans to improve things you could do better.

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