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Employer perceptions and the impact of employment regulation - - A research paper by BIS

A research paper recently published by BIS has revealed that there is a lack of understanding of employment law by those that view it as burdensome and in particular, many businesses find dismissal processes stressful and costly and mistakenly believe they had to follow a statutory process when dismissing employees.

Other key findings of the report found:

  • Employers regularly using agency workers had responded to the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (SI 2010/93) by reducing assignments to less than 12 weeks, bringing in different workers each week and using fixed-term employees for longer term assignments.
  • Employers who had written employment policies were more confident that they were compliant with regulation than employers who operated more informally.
  • Micro, small and medium sized businesses with little internal HR expertise regarded employment regulation as complex and inaccessible.

Reducing regulatory burdens on small employers may not be effective in addressing their anxieties, since their perceptions of employment law often do not reflect reality, and they have an "inflated idea" of the risks of dismissing employees.

The findings of the BIS research paper certainly coincide with our own experience and in a recent Client Survey the feedback we received rated 'Direct practical, straightforward employment law advice' one of the things our Clients valued most.

Providing clarity to the complexity of employment law and helping prevent problems and protect businesses is at the heart of what EmployEasily HR deliver.  Our flexible and affordable employment law advice and HR Services offering saves Employers time and gives them peace of mind knowing they are compliant with employment law and HR best practice.

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Sources: Employer perceptions and the impact of employment regulation, BIS, 7 March 2013 and Research shows perceptions of employment law do not reflect reality, BIS, 7 March 2013.

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