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Employment Tribunal Statistics 2009/10

The Tribunal Annual Statistics were published last week, and they make for interesting reading. The key findings are:-

• 56% increase from 2008/09 in the number of claims accepted by Employment Tribunals, which were at their highest ever level. This is mainly attributable to multiple claims.
• There was a 14% increase in the number of single claims accepted by Employment Tribunals.
• There was a 17% increase in the number of tribunal claims associated with unfair dismissal, breach of contract and redundancy. This is likely to be caused by the economic recession.
• There was a 22% increase in the number of disposals by Employment Tribunals. This did not keep pace with receipts with the result that more than 400,000 claims remained outstanding.
• There was a significant drop in the number of Employment Tribunal claims in which the first hearing took place within 26 weeks of the claim being received. It fell from 74% to just 65%.

Can you afford for your business to be involved in one of the 400,000 claims that remain outstanding? The cost to your business could be damaging – not forgetting the time you would need to spend in preparation and the hearing itself, which could last several days.

We provide a range of tailored HR solutions to organisations of all sizes, giving you:

• significant cost savings and ROI
• operational efficiency
• indemnity from costly employment tribunals
• world-class service at affordable prices

Many of our Clients chose EmployEasily HR to protect their business from costly employment tribunals and ensure they were compliant with complex UK employment laws but increasingly, more and more are turning to EmployEasily HR as a way of reducing costs by removing the burden of time consuming HR administration.

At EmployEasily HR we recognise that in order to retain a competitive edge you need an effective team. As HR specialists in providing HR Support to a broad range of businesses, EmployEasily HR understand fully the day to day staffing challenges in running an efficient operation and what impact staff issues can have on running your business AND on your ability to deliver excellent customer service to you Clients, both internal and external.

We can assist you in every aspect of Human Resource management so that you can benefit from a motivated, happy and productive workforce and can provide your business with comprehensive employment tribunal indemnity protection of up to £1 million per year giving you complete peace of mind and the opportunity to better focus on your core business by helping you to reclaim precious time previously spent dealing with staff issues.

Why is effective HR Support important?

When dealing with an HR issue, failure to comply with Employment Legislation and HR best practice, even unintentionally, can leave your business vulnerable to costly Employment Tribunal Claims. We support a broad range of Clients across Scotland and consistently help them manage one of the most complex areas for any business to get to grips with – UK Employment Law in a way that ensure they are protected from costly employment tribunal claims.

For complete peace of mind, and a unique personal service, contact us on 0800 612 4772 or get a Free Quote for HR Services via our website. Remember, you want to avoid employment tribunal claims and focus on running your business.


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