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Fit Notes to Replace Sick Notes ~ Introducing the New Statement of Fitness for Work

From 6 April 2010 the government’s new Fit Note Scheme comes into force meaning significant changes for UK Employers and how they manage staff absence going forward.

GPs will no longer issue sick notes but will instead issue ‘Fit Notes’ outlining what duties they believe an employee is ‘fit’ to undertake. The new ‘Statement of Fitness for Work’ will also detail what support an Employer should provide to help the returning staff member integrate back into the workforce.

It is believed that this long debated change in how staff absence is managed will benefit both Employers and Employees in many ways, not least in reducing the cost of staff absence for Employers as it is anticipated that employees will return to work much more quickly saving uk businesses million of pounds each year.

Small business however may not realise the same benefits as many of them only provide statuatory sick pay and don’t have the same degree of flexibility to accomodate returning staff as larger businesses do.

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