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Last year, UK Businesses that lost unfair dismissal cases at Employment Tribunals paid out an average £8058 in awards and in discrimination cases, the average awards they had to pay out exceeded of £12,000!!

On top of the cost of the awards, many of these businesses will also have incurred legal costs in defending the claims, making losing even more expensive!

Could your business afford to lose >£8000?

From as little as £1 a day, HR Services from EmployEasily HR can benefit Your business in many ways:

G – Get HR skills and expertise in to your business at lower costs and boost YOUR profits by identifying the real HR issues that are holding your business back

A – Access practical, commercially aware HR advice and support when you need it and cut costs caused by staff absence, poor performance and employment tribunal claims

I – Indemnify Your business from costs associated with defending an employment tribunal claim (awards and legal costs) with up to £100,000 cover per case and £1 Million on aggregate per year.

N – Never have to worry about compliance with employment legislation ever again. We’ll ensure all of your HR documents (contracts of employment, HR policies & procedures, etc) are kept up to date

You insure your car, your house, your life so why not protect your business too?

Protect Your Business Now – Just Ask Us How!

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