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Government spending cuts – how can you save your business money?

The newly formed government have pledged to find savings of £6bn which is ultimately going to affect the public service as they look at ways in which they can reduce costs. Possibly, this could mean outsourcing some work, for example HR.

It’s not just the public sector that should be looking to reduce costs, and in fact many private sector employers have been doing this for a couple of years when the credit crunch started. Cuts have included short-term working, reduction in pay, job sharing and redundancies. It is predicted that there could be a double dip recession, and many private sector employers are considering what other reductions they can make to ensure they maintain a competitive advantage.

If you wished to discuss ways in which you can make savings but ultimately improve your profit, why not have a chat with one of our team? You can either choose to outsource part of your HR function, or the whole lot if you wanted to! You might not even have an onsite HR team at the moment, but you don’t know how to deal with complex employment law matters.

Our expertise covers everything from recruitment and induction, right through to performance management, reward, engagement, discipline and grievance, employment law and employment tribunals. We offer packages on a retained basis, allowing you to call us at any time regarding an employment issue, and we also do ad-hoc consultancy work which could include an employee survey or the implementation of a new performance management system.

One of the most complex areas for any business to get to grips with is Employment Law. When dealing with an HR issue, failure to comply with Employment Legislation and HR best practice, even unintentionally, can leave your business vulnerable to costly Employment Tribunal Claims. So with a 15% rise in the overall number of single Employment Tribunal Claims raised, average tribunal awards ranging from £8000 to £28,000 and the 25% cap on contingency fees (solicitors acting for employees on a ‘no win / no fee basis’) rising to 35% from 7 April 2010, would preventing staff problems and protecting your business from costly employment tribunals for as little as £35 a month sound like a positive investment?

Whether you operate in the private, public or charity sector, to get indemnity from costs associated with defending Employment Tribunal claims and complete peace of mind and knowing you’ll never have to worry about compliance with complex UK employment legislation ever again, call EmployEasily HR Services today on 0800 612 4772.

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