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Grievance Hearings - A Checklist for Employers

Many Employers often find themselves having to deal with employee complaints and when they do, they have an obligation to investigate thoroughly so its important that grievance hearings are conduted properly.

In the coming week we'll be posting a three part series offering Employers guidance on how to write a grievance procedure but in the meantime here's a handy Grievance Hearing Checklist to help you stay on the right side of the law when holding a formal grievance hearing.

Grievance Hearings - A Checklist for Employers

1. Introduce self as Chairperson of the meeting, and any others present. Give full names and job titles.

2. Confirm that this is a Grievance Hearing held under the company’s Grievance Procedures at the FORMAL STAGE.

3. Explain to the employee the process to be followed, ie:

  • The employee will go through their grievance in detail.
  • All parties will have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Following this, the meeting will be adjourned and the Chairperson will decide on the most appropriate action – this  will be confirmed to the employee in writing within 5 working days.

4. Ask the employee if they have any questions about the process to be followed at this stage.

5. If the employee is accompanied, check that they are either a work colleague or a full-time trade union representative who is certified as having received training in acting as a worker’s companion at such meetings.

6. Ask the employee to go through their grievance.

7. Ask the employee what they feel the resolution would be to their grievance.

Our three part series on drafting a grievance procedure will help provide Employers with more details on the various elements they need to be aware of but if you have any issues and would like support in the meantime you can contact us on 0800 612 4772.

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