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Guidance for Drafting a Staff Appraisal Policy

Guidance for drafting an Appraisal Policy and Procedure

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Guidance for Drafting a Staff Appraisal Policy

January 19, 2011

The festive period is often a time when Employers pause and reflect on what their business achieved in the previous year and what they would like it to acheive in the forthcoming year.

For many, the introduction or enhancement of a Performance Management policy and process is a common output of reflecting and planning for future growth, as doing so will help ensure there is:

  • clarity about what is meant by performance

  • focus on how individual employees will benefit and play their part in the process

  • a clear understanding that it is a tool for line managers and its success will depend on their ability to use it effectively

So to help Employers progress with introducing a performance appraisal policy and process for the first time, or to help those looking to enhance their existing policy and procedure, here's our Guidance Note on how best to do it.

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