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Holding A Disciplinary Hearings - 10 Key Things Employers Should Do

The last thing an Employer wants to do is take disciplinary action but the reality is, if you employee staff  you will probably have to grasp the nettle at some point.

Unfortunately, getting disciplinary action wrong can prove very costly for Employers and quite often where things go wrong is during the disciplinary hearing itself.

To help Employers prevent problems and protect their businesses, here's ten things Employers should do when it comes to holding a disciplinary hearing:

  1. Confirm with the employee that they have received written notification of the hearing and that they understand the reason for the meeting and are happy to proceed.

  2. If meeting not held as per details of letter, ensure employee happy to proceed and apologise

  3. Confirm reasons for hearing (conduct, work performance) Refer to Development Action Plans, Personal Improvement Plan, file notes if required.

  4. Discuss each issue separately, giving full details of employees’ explanation. Also outline any support/ training given or any previous discussions relating to issue.

  5. Ask employee what they’re doing or going to do to improve their performance. Stress that it’s their responsibility.

  6. Discuss what the company can do to help (further training etc.). Be specific.

  7. Explain that poor performance and conduct issues affects the business – level of service, additional pressure on colleagues etc. Be specific and give details.

  8. If on previous warning, stress the severity of concerns if no improvement.

  9. To close the meeting, the chair person should ask if the employee has any other comments they would wish to add, and record any relevant information that is mentioned or that was discussed earlier before ending the meeting.

  10. The chair should then confirm to the employee there will be an adjournment to discuss the matter further, and that the decision will be given to them in writing as soon as possible.

Do you need to take disciplinary action with staff but concerned about getting it wrong?  Are you unsure about what you can and can't take disciplinary action for?

Here at EmployEasily HR we have extensive experience in helping businesses manage disciplinary issues at work and have saved many companies thousands of pounds by supporting them and ensuring they manage disciplinary issues effectively and legally.

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