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HR Delivers Cost Benefits

Human Resources (HR) is often seen as a ‘nice to have’ by many business owners because many believe having HR adds cost to the business without delivering a return on investment.

In reality, a well structured, efficiently run HR function can help businesses save management time, improve staff productivity and performance and deliver tangible, measurable cost benefits to a company’s bottom line.


A key part of all of this is Employee Engagement. By positively engaging employees, businesses are able to harness the energy they possess in a way that deliver positive results which benefit the business’s bottom line while making them feel valued and part of the overall contribution……..essentially a Win / Win scenario.

In recognition of the importance of Employee Engagement, especially in small and medium sized businesses, the UK Government (BERR) has commissioned the MacLeod Review to answer five key questions: What is employee engagement? Why does it matter? (i.e. how robust is the evidence that correlates higher levels of employee engagement with organisational performance? What does it look like and what enables it? Why does it not happen (i.e. what are the barriers to employee engagement)? What should the review recommend should be done to enhance levels of engagement?

Business Owners/Managers are encouraged to submit their views and can do so via this link: MacLeod Review Online Response Form

The dilemma many businesses face is that they simply can’t afford to employ full time HR staff and so not only do they fail to fully realise the cost-savings and performance improvements an HR function can help deliver, they also leave themselves vulnerable and at risk of falling foul of current employment law and health & safety legislation.

Taking advantage of EmployEasily’s competitively priced Outsourced HR Packages is one way businesses can benefit from a dedicated HR Resource at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

To find out more about how HR Services can benefit your business’s bottom line call us today on 0141 572 8427 or vist our main site here: HR Outsourcing for SMEs.

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