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Managing Risk in Business

This latest recession snuck up on many business owners a bit like a silent assassin, caught many of us by surprise and sadly many businesses haven’t survived.

But with strong focus on reducing costs, increasing revenue and maximising profit margins many businesses owners managed to react promptly and introduce revised business plans that have helped them to survive leaving them in a great position as the shoots of recovery begin to appear.

Having demonstrated tenacity and putting in all that hard work to keep going, wouldn’t it be a complete tragedy if all of your efforts were wiped out in an instant simply because you failed to plan and prepare for other significant business risks.

So what are the big risks facing business owners?

Financial ~ Recession, Unhelpful Banks, Aged Debtors…..need I say more?

Legal ~ Sometimes avoiding disputes simply isn’t possible but when they become expensive and complicated this can have a huge impact on your business. What if someone doesn’t pay you? What if you have a disagreement with a supplier or a Client? How to do you protect your business?

Regulatory ~ Government regulation changes often enough as it is but with a general election looming what other changes are likely to head our way? UK Employment Laws already change at least twice a year but what about your obligations under the Data Protection Act or the Provision of Services Regulations?

Operational ~ To successfully deliver your company’s products and/or services to your Customers most business rely on other business to provide them with products and services. What would happen if your servers crashed? What would you do if your communications (Internet, phones, email) went down? Ever had to evacuate your offices because of a fire alarm…..what would happen if you could get back in that day, that week or that month?

Even when things are going well and cash flow is high many business owners find preparing for risks a challenge but when times are tough preparing for risk often falls of the radar completely but what effect could this have?

If you’d like to find out how your business can save money through effective risk mitigation why don’t you join George Berrich of Edinburgh Continuity, David Reilly of Create Ts and Cs and our very own Gary Sutherland, Managing Director of EmployEasily HR Services on Friday 7th May 2010 at Edinburgh Training Centre, 16th Mary Street, Edinburgh where they’re hosting a FREE conference looking at cost effective ways of managing risk within your business.

The main theme of the event is risk and how to help your business combat costly mishaps and disputes specifically in three areas; Disaster Recovery, formality – the use of business contracts and employment law.

After the event lunch will be provided, you will be able to network and share views regards business.

Space is limited so to avoid disappointment reserve your seat today by emailing us at:

Managing Risk In Business

Date: Friday 7th May 2010

Time: 9.30am – 12pm

Event: Registration from 9.15am

Lunch will be served after the conference and discounted parking is available

By Car (NCP, St Johns Hill, Holyrood Rd, EH8 9UQ, less than 200 yards from venue).

By Train – Waverly station is less than a 5 minutes walk.

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