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A New Alliance with NGM Accountants!

After eventful discussions with NGM Accountants vibrant owner, John Fairgrieve, EmployEasily HR MD Gary Sutherland has agreed to carry articles each month on important and informative Tax and finance related topics which are highly relevant to small and medium sized businesses.

After reaching this agreement John expressed his excitement about our new alliance and said, " I've known Gary over the past few years and admire his practical, client focussed business which gives great value for his clients. He has great plans to help small businesses with employment matters and I'm looking forward to collaborating with him and his company to extend our opportunity to help"

When asked to comment on the new collaboration with NGM Accountants, Gary said, "I've been watching the success of NGM Accountants for the a while now and believe that this is a great opportunity for us both to share our expertise across a wider group and so help more businesses. We're both passionate about making sure that our clients have the right information to take decisions and the articles will be addressing two of the most complex areas of law in the UK today, Tax and Employment Law.

Find out more about NGM Accountants and how they can help you to Nurture, Grow and Maintain Your business here:

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