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Reasonable adjustment for employer to pay for depressed employee's private counselling

The EAT has upheld a tribunal's decision that an employer, in not paying for an employee with work-related stress and depression to have private psychiatric counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy, breached its duty to make reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010. 
The adjustments, which were recommended by a consultant psychiatrist, were sufficiently "job-related" to fall within the scheme of the legislation. They would have involved payment for a specific form of support to help the employee return to work and cope with her work-related difficulties. In reaching its decision, the EAT emphasised that this was not a case about employers generally being obliged to pay for private medical treatment. (Croft Vets Ltd and others v Butcher UKEAT/0430/12.)
Employers faced with staff absence issues should seek employment law advice to avoid falling foul of this complex area of Employment Law.
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