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Secure HRM - BETA Trial is Live

What is Secure HRM?

Centralise your employee records and have information available anytime, anywhere, securely and straight from your browser!

With 256-bit SSL encryption, our SecureHRM promises to deliver security of the highest standard that will ensure your data is safe and with easy to follow workflows, using it will give Employers a comprehensive audit trail and help them avoid costly employment tribunals.

Designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses, this practical, affordable, easy to use system will provide businesses with a robust set of HR tools to help them to manage their most important asset - their people!

The SecureHRM system will offer businesses the following:

Employees will be able to:
  • request Holidays
  • view and edit their personal profile
  • view their employee profile - salary,holiday entitlement
  • view their absence record
  • view their holidays - taken/requested/remaining
  • view their performance reviews
  • view their training record
  • view their discipline / grievance record
In addition to all of the above, Owners / Managers will be able to:
  • approve/reject holiday requests from direct reports
  • record staff hours with either a team or individual timesheet feature
  • record staff absences
  • record staff performance reviews
  • record staff training
  • record disciplinary action
  • record staff grievances
Reporting on all of the above will be available to Owners / Managers at team and individual employee level.  


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