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Starting Disciplinary Hearings - A 6 Point Checklist For Employers

Disciplinary Hearings are unfortunately a reality when it comes to employing staff, and although staff have no right to claim Unfair Dismissal if they have less than 12 months service, in certain circumstances they can claim Wrongful Dismissal regardless of how long they've been employed.

So when Employers get disciplinary matters wrong, they can prove very costly indeed!

To help you prevent problems and protect your business, here's EmployEasily HR's checklist of the top Six things Employers should do at the beginning of a disciplinary hearing:

  1. Introduce self as Chairperson of the meeting, and any others present. Give full names and job titles.

  2. Confirm that this is a Disciplinary Hearing held under the company’s Disciplinary Procedures.

  3. Explain to the employee the process to be followed, ie:

    • They will be informed of the issue(s) concerned and will then have an opportunity to discuss their case in detail.

    • Following this, the meeting will be adjourned and the Chairperson will decide on the most appropriate action – this will be confirmed to the employee in writing.

  4. Ask the employee if they have any questions about the process to be followed at this stage.

  5. If the employee is accompanied, check that they are either a work colleague or a full-time trade union representative who is certified as having received training in acting as a worker’s companion at such meetings.

  6. Advise the employee of the issue(s) concerned and proceed with the meeting.

Running an effective disciplinary hearing is all about starting strongly so all parties know exactly what to expect and what is expected of them.

Do you need to take disciplinary action with staff but concerned about getting it wrong?  Are you unsure about what you can and can't take disciplinary action for?

Here at EmployEasily HR we have extensive experience in helping businesses manage disciplinary issues at work and have saved many companies thousands of pounds by supporting them and ensuring they manage disciplinary issues effectively and legally.

Give EmployEasily HR a call today on 0141 314 3947 or request a Free Quote right here on our website.

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