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Tighten Up or Pay Up!

The New ACAS Code of Practice that replaced the statutory disciplinary and grievance procedure on 6th April 09 could leave Employers facing hefty financial penalaties if they don’t tighten up and get to grips with things quickly.

The new set of principals that Employers must nopw adhere to are outlined in a new 10 page ACAS Code opf Practice document which is backed up by a 70 page guidance document detailing how Employers should now handle disciplinaries and grievances.

Simply having good procedures in place won’t be enough……….the new code applies to all levels of disciplinary action and if tribunals decide to look back and determine that previous warnings were not given in accordance with the new code, eg. a first written warning with no opportunity to appeal, they could rule that the final dismissal was was tainted by this and find in favour of the Employee.

The new ACAS Code of Practice has been described by many as being wide and principal based, not prescriptive yet it has financial consequences. If Employers fail to adhere to this new code they face the possibility of a 25 per cent increase in any award a tribunal makes against them.

Discipline and Grievances at Work Guide

ACAS Disciplinary and Grievance Code of Practice

Do your Line Managers need training on how to use these new disciplinary and grievance procedures? Do you need support to set up and facilitate the employee consultation on disciplinary and grievance arrangements your company is now obliged to conduct?

Do you want qualified professionals to take ownership of all of these burdens on your behalf to minimise the impact on your business the introduction of this new Code of Conduct plus the 21 other changes to Employment Legislation that were introduced this month are going to have?

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