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Treat Your Golden Eggs Well

As it is Easter Monday, it got us thinking of eggs – and your eggs are your employees.

Maintaining the morale of your employees is quite difficult during this downturn, but employers need to do this if you wish to maintain a competitive advantage and retain your good employees.

We know many companies have frozen salaries, but it does not mean you have to stop motivating and valuing your employees.

There are a number of non-pay benefits you can provide – and Employ Easily Consultants have lots of experience in the field of reward and benefits. Some examples organisations could offer include car sharing schemes, free parking, discounted gym membership, child care vouchers (which actually saves the company money!) and health plans.

You might even want to consider a career break policy, and offer unpaid sabbaticals. This could help minimise redundancies and could help some of your employees fulfil ambitions such as travelling the world.

The most important thing to remember is to appreciate your people, and by saying “thank you” for a good job it could go a long way.

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