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What Employers Should Know About The Data Protection Act

There are a number of different statutes which covers data protection and privacy. The main law governing data protection is the Data Protection Act 1998 which came into force in March 2000.
All organisations in the UK must comply with the Data Protection Act. The Act refers to the processing of personal data by data controllers and outlines the data protection principles which must be followed (see below). Individuals are entitled to compensation for damage and distress caused by the failure of a data controller to comply with the Act.
When drafting a Data Protection Policy Employers should ensure the following five key areas are covered:
  • Decide who will take specific roles. e.g. who will be designated as Data Controller?
  • Make clear to staff who they should contact about any particular aspect of the policy.
  • Make clear how staff can make a request to access their personal data, and whether you will charge for this (a sample Request Form is shown below)
  • Consider what best practice procedures should be put in place,
Specify the consequences of breaching the policy, including disciplinary action and summary dismissal.
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