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At EmployEasily Legal Services, our employment law advice brings clarity to complexity and will help you with any issues during or after your employment, with the focus on resolution and compromise.

Employment Law Advice for Employees

Unfortunately problems can and do arise in the workplace often leaving employees unsure about their rights and how best to deal with the issues they are facing.

The specialist Employment Law Advice services offered to Employees, workers and self-employed clients includes the following areas of Employment Law:

  • Settlement Agreements
  • Employment Tribunals: bringing a claim or negotiating a settlement.
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Advice on Maternity, Paternity or Adoption Leave
  • Advice on Parental Rights
  • Advice on Flexible Working Requests
  • Termination of employment (including bringing a claim for wrongful and unfair dismissal)
  • Advice on Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Advice on Raising Grievances
  • Advice on Redundancy
  • General Employment Law Advice and Assistance

Whatever your issue or dispute, EmployEasily HR will provide you with professional and transparent advice for a pre-agreed fixed fee, but remember, time limits are short for many employment claims so you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

If you are unable to resolve your issue with your Employer and are considering raising an Employment Tribunal Claim, EmployEasily HR can help and offer a simple, affordable, three step Fixed Fee Tribunal Representation Service for Employees.

Step One - Raising an Issue With or Claim Against Your Employer

  • We will review the details of your issue, offer comprehensive advice on the merits of your case and discuss your options with you such as Pre-Claim Conciliation or formal Employment Tribunal proceedings.
  • We will provide you with a detailed letter of engagement setting out your instructions, our advice and opinion on the prospect of your case.
  • If Pre-Claim Conciliation is your preferred option, we will deal with all correspondence with your Employer and engage with ACAS to conclude matters formally via a COT3 Agreement, if appropriate.
  • If pre-claim negotiations are unsuccessful, or if you prefer to raise an Employment Tribunal Claim right from the start, we will prepare and submit your ET1 Claim to the Employment Tribunal within the require timescales;
  • We will await the response from the Employer, either directly or via the Employment Tribunal, review and consider this, discuss the contents with you and advise you on how best to proceed with your claim.

Fixed Fee: £425 plus VAT*

Step Two - Preparing for an Employment Tribunal

  •  We will conduct any negotiations with ACAS on settlement of the claim in advance of a full employment tribunal hearing taking place;
  • We will deal with all correspondence with the respondent's representative and/or ACAS and the Employment Tribunals Service and ensure compliance with any disclosure directions from the Tribunal;
  • We will interview witnesses, prepare witness statements and bundles (documents/evidence) and draft pleadingsfor the tribunal hearing.

Fixed Fee:  £535 plus VAT*

Step Three - Your Employment Tribunal Hearing

If your case has not reached a successful settlement you will have to attend a hearing and depending on the complexity of the case this may involve a PHR (Pre-Hearing Review), a CMD (Case Management Discussion) as well as and in addition to a full Employment Tribunal Hearing.

Any of these hearings (PHR, CMD, ET) could be listed for one day or more and may last all day depending on the evidence presented and the number of witnesses to be called.

If you were to pay by the hour, costs for representation at hearings could easily cost in excess of £1600 per day.  However, with our fixed fee you will not be charged any more than the agreed Hearing Appearance Fee.

£975 plus VAT* per appearance

Hourly Rate Service

Our current hourly rate is a highly competitive £135 per hour + VAT.

If you prefer to prepare and pursue your case personally, you may still need legal advice at certain stages of your claim, and so our Hourly Rate Service may be an option for you.

If you choose to pay by the hour, we will provide you with a detailed letter of engagement setting out your instructions and will only charge for the time actually spent dealing with your case. We will not spend any more time on your case than is absolutely necessary and will not incur costs without your permission.

So if you are an employee, worker or self-employed and you think your employer has breached your rights please contact our employment law team now. You can use our free, no obligation, online 'Contact Us' form and we will call you back or you can call us directly on 0800 612 4772.

Unfortunately we cannot provide free advice or legal aid funded advice so you will need to pay all fees yourself unless you have legal expenses insurance.

* Our fixed fee and hourly rate services do not include disbursements and expenses incurred by the Company on behalf of Clients and will be added to our charges, including (but without limitation) issue fees, hearing fees, expert witnesses fees, travelling, accommodation or subsistence costs, courier charges, bank charges and other administration charges and is only available to employees in Scotland.