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HR Compliance - Our 'Comply' HR Services Package

Our HR packages are designed to ensure your business gets up to date and remains compliant with complex UK Employment Laws and will ensure you have in place HR critical documents (contracts of employment, HR policies and procedures, etc) to limit the risks of industrial tribunal actions being raised.

The 'Comply' HR Services Package

Subscribing to our 'Comply' HR Services Package will not only give you peace of mind, it will give you more time to focus on your core business activities and help save you money on those fixed costs associated with employing a full time HR resource.

Subscribers to our 'Comply' HR Services Package benefit from the following:

  • Access to a direct phone support from a dedicated account manager - no call centres and no delegation to junior staff members;
  • Access to our out of hours Emergency HR Advice Helpline 24/7 to ensure you get support promptly, when you need it, even out of normal working hour;
  • Complete indemnity from legal fees associated with defending employment tribunal claims;
  • A comprehensive audit of all of your existing HR documents;
  • A thorough gap analysis, highlighting areas which require action;
  • Updated contracts of employment and support with re-issuing updated terms;
  • Updated HR Policies & Procedures and support with re-issuing updated policies;
  • Maintained HR documents with updates provided as changes in employment laws require;
  • Updates on all the latest changes to Employment Legislation as they happen to ensure you remain completely up to date;
  • Access to our browser based HR Management System - Secure-HRM website which is packed with great features as standard, allowing you to create, store and retrieve employee information straight from your browser quickly and easily saving you money and time and delivering fantastic value for money.

If you don't have any HR documents in place within your business currently, we'll take care of everything for you by introducing into the business everything you need to ensure compliance with current UK employment laws, then maintain everything for you going forward so you never have to worry about compliance again.

Our 'Comply' HR Services Package is ideally suited to existing companies who want to ensure all of their HR documents - contracts of employment, HR policies & procedures - are fully up to date and compliant with current UK employment law and want the security of knowing they have access to specialist support whenever they need it.