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Our 'Sustain' HR Service package provides a fully outsourced HR service, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource and can be tailored to fit with your business and help support delivery of your overall business strategy.

The 'Sustain' HR package

For a fixed monthly fee, you get a professional, high level HR support as and when required throughout the year and additionally get peace of mind that not only are your HR needs being fully supported, but that your business is fully compliant with the latest employment legislation and have updated policies and procedures.

Our 'Sustain' HR Service package:

  • HR Advice Hotline: General HR Advice (Online / E-mail or Telephone)
  • Updates on all the latest changes to Employment
  • Online access to various HR related templates
  • On-Site HR Surgery for up to 8 hours per month *
  • Produce and maintain contracts of employment and employee handbooks
  • Produce and maintain job descriptions and person specifications
  • Absence Management
  • Provide job evaluations, establish minimum performance standards, and help introduce targets/ glide paths
  • Provide Staff Appraisals and Performance Management Review Processes
  • Support managers with staff appraisals and performance management of employees
  • Support Managers with Disciplinary Investigations / Hearings and required actions
  • Attend periodic management meetings as required
  • Provide HR Skills Coaching and/or mentoring for your managers during on-site day
  • Offer an `HR Clinic´ appointment service during on-site day
  • Event Driven HR Administration e.g. leavers, joiners and job changes
  • Pre-employment Screening and Employee Induction
  • Reference Requests e.g. proof of earning, previous employee
  • Training Administration
  • HR policy review, formulation and ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with current Employment Law
  • Health & Safety policy review, formulation and ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with current Health & Safety Legislation
  • Redundancy, resignations, termination of employment: we can handle all aspects of any of these situationsli>
  • Enhance Employee Relations: Ongoing Staff Communication, Staff Surveys, ESAT Measuring and Reporting

* Additional days can be added to any package to suit any specific business needs you may have.