November, 2017

An employer’s guide to the party season

Nov 30, 2017 Christmas party season is almost in full swing and with it comes the likelihood of a workplace claim as the result of inappropriate conduct. At Employment Law Services (ELS), we strongly advise tha

Government publishes new statutory pay rates

Nov 27, 2017 At present, the weekly rate of statutory maternity pay is £140.98 or 90% of the employee’s average weekly earnings whichever is lower. This is set to increase from April 2018 to £145.18. In add

What can employers do to reduce cyber-bullying in the workplace?

Nov 21, 2017 Last week was anti bullying week and it serves as a reminder for employers to consider the growing concern of cyber-bullying in the workplace. Cyber-bullying is defined as “the use of electronic

Guidance for employers on workplace issues over the winter months

Nov 14, 2017 As an employer, it pays to be fully prepared for whatever weather this winter may throw at you – whether its wind, rain, storms or snow and ice. Winter in the UK often brings its own set of workplac

Uber loses court appeal against drivers’ rights!

Nov 10, 2017 In October 2016, the Employment Tribunal ruled that two drivers who were employed as gig-economy workers by Uber should have been classed as ‘workers’ under the Employment Rights Act 1996. This la

Sexual Harassment in the workplace in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal

Nov 06, 2017 The aftermath of the Weinstein scandal has placed the spotlight on sexual harassment reporting yet again. Often, victims of sexual harassment are hesitant to