February, 2018

Pimlico Plumbers case heard in the Supreme Court

Feb 21, 2018 Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard a crucial gig economy case with Pimlico Plumbers challenging last year’s Court of Appeal decision that a plumber who signed an agreement with the company defin

Taylor Review: Government pledges to reform workers’ rights

Feb 13, 2018 The Government have reported that it will enforce workers’ rights from their first day in a new job. On 7th February, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS

National Sickie Day 2018 – How should employers deal with absence in the workplace

Feb 07, 2018 It has been reported that traditionally, the first Monday in February is the day in which the greatest number of employees in the UK take the day off due to illness. It is suggested that this is do

Presidents Club Scandal – Should this lead to better protections for employees?

Feb 01, 2018 Following the undercover investigation conducted by the Financial Times, the issue of liability for third-party harassment has once again been again been challenged. On this occasion, female hostes