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Emerging from Lockdown – Guidance for UK Employers

Sep 16, 2020 As lockdown restrictions began to ease across the UK many employers started to consider reopening businesses and bringing staff back into workplaces, but with the recent spike

Five Citizen Advice Bureaux in Glasgow Facing Closure

Sep 01, 2020 In what many have described as a ‘bizarre’ decision, Glasgow City Council (GCC) has decided to defund a series of advice agencies in Glasgow at a time when demand for advi

Is Furlough a Route to Redundancy?

Aug 21, 2020 The purpose of the Government’s Job Retention Scheme was to ensure that employers retain and continue to pay staff during the lockdown, but as the impact of COVID continues

Workplace Redundancies – What Every Employer Should Know

Aug 19, 2020 The coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on the economy and it is inevitable that redundancies will be on the rise, but getting this wrong could prove costly for Emplo

Advice on Settlement Agreements

Aug 10, 2020 If you find yourself in a situation where you have been advised by your employer that they want to bring the employment relationship to an end and are issued with a Settlement

New Quarantine Restrictions on Entering the UK

Aug 07, 2020 Last week the Government warned against non essential travel to Spain and imposed a 14 day quarantine period on holiday makers returning to the UK. Yesterday Belgium, the Baha

EmployEasily Legal Services builds upon its talented workforce with two new key appointments

Aug 01, 2020 We are delighted to announce two key appointments as part of our continued expansion strategy. 

Information on the Reopening of our Offices on a Limited Basis

Jul 18, 2020 As lockdown measures are gradually being eased, we are delighted to announce the reopening of our offices from Tuesday  4 August 2020 and