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Scottish Labour Party has called for a maximum of 48 hours in a working week!

Jul 12, 2017 Scottish Labour Party have called for a maximum of 48 hours in a working week – Is this good or bad? As part of Scottish Labours new Industrial Strategy, Kezia Dugdale has sought

“Some Self-Employed workers should be covered by the National Minimum Wage” – Resolution Foundation Report

Jul 07, 2017 Resolution Foundation Report The Resolution Foundation has published a report arguing for a better pay deal for those working in the Gig-Economy. The report argues that the Gove

How can you protect your business against reputational damage?

Jul 05, 2017 How employers can prevent reputational damage It is important that employers protect their organisations reputation, Personnel Today have listed six ways in whic

Training and Study at work

Jul 03, 2017 “GMB Officer Wins Employment Tribunal on Union Safety Role” – TUC A GMB officer who as refused safety training has been awarded compensation and the legal battle against his

Fire Risks in the Workplace

Jun 28, 2017 Fire Risks in the Workplace Following the fire that tragically destroyed Grenfell Tower in West London on June 14th, it is important that employers are made aware of the

New Research Produced by the CIPD establishes the need for a flexible, affordable and straightforward immigration system

Jun 26, 2017 CIPD: As Brexit negotiations commence, business owners sound the alarm over immigration crisis Recent research published by the CIPD has highlighted the demand for a direct, flexib

Zero Hour Workers Holiday Pay Implications

Jun 19, 2017 Zero Hour Contracts & Holiday Pay With the summer holidays on the horizon, it is important that employers are fully aware of workers annual leave entitlements and in particular