Advice on Settlement Agreements for Employees

Advice for Employees

If you find yourself in a situation where you have been advised by your employer that they want to bring the employment relationship to an end and are issued with a Settlement Agreement and told that you have a set timescale in which to make a decision, the team at Employment Law Services (ELS) can help you.

A Settlement Agreement is an agreement between an employer and employee to compromise an employee’s contractual and statutory claims on termination of employment (formerly known as a compromise agreement).

You Must Seek Legal Advice

It is a legal requirement that you must receive specialist legal advice before signing a settlement agreement and essential before presenting one to an employee.

At Employment Law Services (ELS), we will ensure you receive the appropriate and necessary advice on the Terms of the Settlement Agreement to make sure the settlement you have been offered is a fair deal for you in the circumstances, that you fully understand the implications of signing the Settlement Agreement, and what the alternatives to signing it might be.

Fixed Fee Settlement Agreement Advice

To avoid uncertainty, we offer Settlement Agreement advice to employees for a fixed fee, so you will know from the outset exactly how much our advice will cost. Your employer is likely to contribute to the cost of our advice and we will always try to recover as much of our costs as we can from your employer to keep your costs to an absolute minimum.

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