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Recurrent periods of sickness absence or prolonged absence due to more serious problems are one of the largest costs in most businesses.

Employee Welfare

Employee Health

According to the CIPD Employee Absence survey, the average annual cost of sickness absence per employee is approximately £522. Worryingly, many respondents did not include such hidden costs as replacement workers, overtime or lost production, all of which could make sickness absence a much more costly experience for employers.

Health & Safety

Avoid the risks of an unsafe workplace and start working towards a safer workplace by letting EmployEasily help you create a safer, more productive working environment.

EmployEasily will conduct an on-site compliance audit then create a comprehensive Health and Safety management system tailored to your specific needs and designed to limit the financial and other associated risks of Health & Safety.

Our service will answers all queries and advise on the required actions that need to be taken to achieve and maintain compliance