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HR Outsourcing for Businesses Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland - Retained HR Services

One of the most popular HR Services we offer is outsourced HR Management (HRM). For an affordable, fixed monthly fee, we will act as your very own HR department and provide you with business critical employment law advice and HR management support across a wide range of staffing issues, leaving you free to focus on your core business activities.

By using subscribing to a Retained HR Services Packaged  (outsouring your HR), your company knows they have all the employment law advice and HR support it needs on-tap, without the expense of an HR manager and his/her support and facilities.

HR Outsourcing for UK Businesses with Retained HR Services Packages

From the application of the terms set out in contracts of employment and employee handbooks to ongoing absence and performance management, our HR Management Services (HR Outsoucing) will help protect your business and boost your profits.

EmployEasily Legal Services' ´retained HR Services packages s HR provide the best value for money and with a fixed monthly fee based on the size of your company and level of support you require, they are a highly cost-effective way for businesses to adopt a proactive approach and manage risk effectively and with confidence.

By using our Retained HR Services Packages and chosing to outsource your HR, your company knows they have all they need on-tap, without the expense of an HR manager and his/her support and facilities.

What is HR Outsourcing?

HR outsourcing is a process in which a company uses the services of a third party to take care of its HR functions and it may outsource a few or all of its HR related activities depending on the extent of it's HR requirements.

By outsourcing your HR requirements you can significantly reduce your costs and recover valuable time that would otherwise be spent dealing with complex HR issues and at the same time protect your business from risks associated with industrial tribunal claims, high levels of staff absence and/or poor performance.

You can:

  • Outsource your entire HR function/department
  • Outsource just one or more HR function e.g. HR management but not HR administration, HR Administration but not HR Management, recruitment & Selection, HR project work,, HR strategy but not day-to-day HR management
  • Outsource on an ad hoc basis to meet an unexpected demand e.g. redundancies, maternity cover, or when extra support is needed

How Does HR Outsourcing Work?

  • Someone employed by EmployEasily Legal Services is permanently based on your site to support your HR needs on a day to day basis, or
  • Someone employed by EmployEasily Legal Services regularly attends your site but also works for you from our offices as and when required in between site visits, or
  • Someone employed by EmployEasily Legal Services occasionally visits your site as and when an issue arises and supports you remotely when required

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