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HR Consultancy Services for Employers

Our HR Consultancy Services provide additional support for one-off tasks, ongoing project assistance and long term strategic people management initiatives.

Our HR Consultancy Services

Delivered by qualified HR specialists, our HR Consulstancy Services are available to clients of our fixed fee HR services packages and/or businesses looking for expert support on a one-off basis for a particular HR issue.

Recruitment and Selection Services

An effective recruitment and selection process will help you to correctly match the skills, experience and competencies of the role with the right individual to ensure those individuals who are appointed can be led, managed and developed.  As specialists in employment law and HR, EmployEasily Legal Services are uniquely placed to be able to provide employers wirh a full end to end recruitment and selection service.

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Employment Law & HR Workshops

Providing practical advice and guidance for business owners, directors and senior managers, our employment law and HR workshops will help you identify and manage legally employee issues that may arise in the future and help you remain aware of the key changes to UK employment law to ensure you remain compliant and avoid costly employment tribunal claims.  

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Employee Performance Reviews

A key component of employee development, employee performance reviews can positively impact business performance in many ways.   EmployEasily Legal Services can help you develop, implement and deliver effective employee performance apprasial processes that can signifcanlty benefit employees and employers alike.

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Employee Learning and Development

Investing in learning and development programs that will best help your employees address their skill gaps, prepare for future roles, and achieve individual goals-thereby contributing to the success of your company.  Training and Development courses provided by EmployEasily Legal Services can be tailored to meet your organisational requirements, and will typically involve delegates being involved in case studies and worked examples to help reinforce the learning, enabling them to put into practice what they have learnt on return to work.

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Additional HR Services